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Dye Sublimation Ink

Ink CartridgesAt ISub Supplies we pride ourselves in supplying the best quality Dye Sublimation inks that are available on the market. Today's modern inkjet print heads require inks that are formulated and manufactured to exacting standards. This enables us to ensure your prints are consistent from first to last and more importantly, batch to batch.

The term 'Dye Sublimation' means to turn from a solid to a gas without passing through the liquid stage. In terms of the printing process this means the dye particle being heated until it flashes to a gas and binds to the polymer molecules of the item you are printing onto, such as a mug, coaster or T-shirt. Once printed the finished items are bright, vibrant and incredibly durable

The Ink Brands We Sell - Our primary brand is the hugely popular SubliSure ink. With 1000's of satisfied customers across the world we sell 100's of cartridges and bottles a week. Typically 15% cheaper than alternative brands and with more ink in each cartridge, you can't go wrong! We even provide free of charge ICC profiles for the most popular substrates to ensure your colours are spot on.

We can also supply the Sawgrass range of SubliJet-R / SubliJet-HD and Chromablast products.

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